Screaming Eagle
PO Box 12
Oakville, CA 94562
Tel 707.944.0749
Fax 707.944.9271

I put my name on the waiting list several years ago. How long is the wait?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you a firm timeframe. A place for you will only become available if and when an active member drops off the list. Any change of address since your original sign up on the waiting list can be emailed, faxed or sent via US Postal Service. You can also update your contact information by logging into your account.

What does Log In do?
Log In enables each active member to order wine at the time of an offer. An active member and waiting list guests may also check and edit the accuracy of the contact information on file.

Why are you not shipping to my state when other wineries are? Or my state allows?
There are several reasons at play regarding our decisions not to ship to certain states at this time; state regulatory, and Screaming Eagle permit issues among the top two. We may only conduct our business within the unquestionable constraints of each state law as it pertains to our licenses. It is equally frustrating for us not to be allowed to ship to each state.

What about charity donations?
We are sadly not in a position to consider individual charity requests. We will donate to Auction Napa Valley in the hopes that the most possible charitable dollars can be funneled back into the Napa Valley, to assist with local charities.

Can I visit the property?
We are sorry to report that the property cannot accommodate tours and that because of the extremely small quantity of wine produced we do not offer tastings.

How can I get onto your waiting list?
Please click on our Waiting List icon and that will guide you to our Waiting List sign-up page. Please note that you will only be contacted by Screaming Eagle once you have moved from the waiting list to the active member list.